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Housing – Rent to Buy

Jan’s rent to buy scheme is helping people to get on the property ladder. 40% of young adults can’t afford to buy their own home as they don’t have the means to save their deposit without having to rely on the ‘bank of mum and dad’.

How it works?

  1. The property price is fixed at the open market rate from the point of exchange, for 3 years
  2. The buyer can choose to pay anywhere between 15-25% of the purchase price (whatever can best be afforded ) which will be divided equally over 36 months (3 years). 100% is then gifted back as a ‘vendor gifted deposit’ (a scheme recognised by all major lenders)
  3. So the monthly rent paid is effectively creating the deposit on the property
  4. The equity in the property after the 3 year agreement is all the buyers’ so there is a much higher chance of obtaining a mortgage on an improved LTV (loan to value) basis
  5. No shared ownership – the buyer owns 100% of the property once the deal is completed

We have system

The main focus is not only on providing affordable housing, but also using the properties we renovate and build to allow apprentices to become fully qualified so they can work in the construction industry.
We’ve teamed-up with Engineering Real Results, a company which trains professional tradesmen, and at each site we provide places for their trainees to work alongside our highly qualified trades-people in order to carry out the on-site elements of their NVQ (National Vocational Qualification).

So, each of our building sites not only produces affordable homes, we also create a fully qualified and skilled workforce for the future. So far, our scheme has produced over 4,200 qualified people to work in the construction industry. Each person who has gained their qualification by working on our building sites has gone on to get a job in the industry; we are creating skills, reducing unemployment, and providing a unique Rent To Buy initiative which allows people to fulfil their dream of becoming a home-owner.

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