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FIRST Award For Responsible Capitalism


Jan Telensky has been nominated for the FIRST Award For Responsible Capitalism.

Responsible Capitalism requires a fundamental integration of the needs of the wider community, care for the communities in which the business operates, environmental initiatives and support for the arts and culture, within the business’s goals and processes. Above all, it is about how successful business leaders apply the principles of moral and social responsibility in the running of their business, combining social commitment with business acumen and innovation, and building a coherent philosophy in which the company’s success is judged over the long-term by criteria that include sustainability, equity, and moral justice as well as standard financial benchmarks.

You may not be familiar with this highly prestigious Award. FIRST is a multidisciplinary International Affairs organisation. It aims to enhance communication between leaders in industry, finance and governments throughout the world. Among other things it publishes a magazine which is read by world leaders.

Last year the Award was given to Guy Singh-Watson, Founder of Riverford. Born in Devon, Guy started his organic food business with little more than an allotment and has grown it into the multi-million pound enterprise it is today which continues to care for our environment ethically and morally, while maintaining an incredible standard of product and service. Last year’s Award was presented by HRH The Princess Royal.

Jan’s nomination document